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Technical accessories for UPS systems

Sensible products to improve the availability and efficiency of UPS systems

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Distributing power to UPS units, controlling the mains supply and making systems more failsafe

To assure the highest possible level of availability for EFFEKTA UPS systems, it is often advisable to adopt additional measures in the mains supply downstream of the uninterruptible power supply to achieve optimum performance levels from your UPS equipment. Here is a summary of suitable products for this:

USV SNMP CS 141 show product

UPS management – SNMP CS 141 adapter

External box or slot card Standard or budget version

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ATS 16 30 A show product

ATS 16 A / 30 A

Transfer switches for single-phase mains supply Redundant power supply with several UPS units

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STS 100-800 A show product

STS 100 A – 800 A

Transfer switches for 3-phase mains supply Redundant power supply with several UPS units

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Externer Bypass show product

External bypass

Bypass circuit for UPS units Uninterruptible power supply for maintenance work

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EBU show product

Electronic interrupter unit (EIU)

Protection of the UPS-operated mains supply from short-circuits Disengagement of the affected load path

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Relaiskarten show product

Relay cards

Equipotential exchange of UPS messages Transmitting and receiving signals

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