Externer Bypass Sonderlösungen

EFFEKTA® also offers special solutions in the bypass sector, which are adapted to the individual requirements of our customers and their system environment.

Example right above:
Bypass switch 19“ for powerCON 20A All the operating elements required for operation are positioned on the front of the device.
The connections on the rear panel are of the Neutrik powerCON 20A (NAC3MPA-1) type.

Example on the right:
Double bypass for two separate UPS systems, housed in a space-saving housing for installation in 19“ cabi-nets. The UPSs are hardwired to terminals on the rear panel.

The bypass is available as:
40 A model for 2 UPSs of 6 kVA each or 20 A model for 2 UPSs of 3 kVA each

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Accessories Relay Cards

The relay card is an electronic module that is used for the potential-free exchange of signals between a UPS and a higher-level controller. The user has the possibility, completely electrically isolated, to
receive signals from the UPS and also to send
com-mands to the UPS.

The output signals are present until the UPS switches off and is de-energized. In general, if the UPS is de-energized, all contacts on the relay card open, regardless of whether they are configured as openers or closers.

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