Everything for intelligent battery management

Hardware and software for the monitoring of power storage units via network

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Modules, web management adapters, sensors and switch cabinets

Having full control over the performance capability of batteries is important for the protection of valuable technical systems and devices. With its battery management range, EFFEKTA provides the hardware and software required to maintain full control at all times.

BACS II show product

Management BACS II

Software for the monitoring and control of batteries Remote monitoring via the Internet

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Measuring modules for battery networking Voltage measuring ranges of 0.6-16 V

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BACS Webmanager show product

Web manager

Retrofitted interfaces (RS-232 / RJ12 / RJ45) for UPS devices Internal and external version, budget versions

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BACS Zubehoer show product


Bus converter 3 / BACS DC sensors Adjustment of level and protocol and/or recording of charging and discharging processes

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Control Cabinet show product

Control cabinets

Wall cabinets for BACS systems External visual and acoustic display

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