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UPS / AC power supply units

Systems from 400 VA to 200 kVA for devices and systems that operate on alternating current

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Optimum voltage and bridging duration in alternating current

Digital devices and other sensitive systems require more than just a continuous supply of power. They also need a stabilized mains power supply and frequency-independent power supply in order to work properly. EFFEKTA provides appropriate systems for a vast array of different requirements. This means that its systems can do more than compensate for mains power failures with extremely short changeover times. EFFEKTA UPS units can also – depending on their design – deliver the required output level of alternating current without voltage fluctuation, voltage spikes, voltage surges, undervoltage, overvoltage or frequency fluctuations.

Different technologies are employed to supply a load with uninterruptible current. To distinguish the correct technical solution and to evaluate its protection level, the EN 50091-3 and/or the IEC 62040-3 standard is consulted. This defines UPS systems with the following abbreviations:

  • VFI: Output Voltage and Frequency Independent from mains supply)
  • VI: Output Voltage Independent from mains supply
  • VFD: Output Voltage and Frequency Dependent on mains supply)

EFFEKTA Line-Interactive systems (VI)


  • Short changeover time
  • Bi-directional rectifier
  • SINE output voltage, SQUARE WAVE in some cases
  • Good price-performance ratio
  • Booster function

Areas of use:

  • Telecommunications systems
  • Workstations
  • CAD systems
  • PLC systems
  • Small servers


  • Small servers
  • Office series
  • MI-RM series (19”)
  • MTD series
  • MTD-RM series (19”)
  • MTD-XL-RT series

EFFEKTA Online continuous transducer (VFI)


  • Safest UPS technology
  • Protection against all line-based interference
  • Stable output voltage
  • No changeover time
  • Bypass function

Areas of use:

  • Telecommunications systems
  • Workstations
  • Servers
  • Measuring systems
  • Medical appliances (not life-preserving!)
  • Critical industrial and IT applications


  • MCI series
  • MKD-RT (rack tower)
  • Adira
  • THOR


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Line-Interactive UPS AiO 600

Protects office equipment (up to 600 VA)     A special feature of this UPS is the integrated combination power strip. There are 4 Schuko sockets with UPS function and 4 Schuko sockets with surge protection available.      

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