Type VI AC UPS systems

Line-Interactive AC UPS

Uninterruptible power supplies with protection against fluctuations in voltage

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UPS systems for home, office and simple industrial applications, from 400-3000 VA

Uninterruptible power supply units with a great price-performance ratio. Due to their design as VI devices, the Line-Interactive systems from EFFEKTA offer a cost-effective way of protecting telecommunications systems, desktop PCs, CAD systems, PLC controllers or small servers.

USV Office Home show in catalogue

Line-Interactive Office-Home series

Protects office equipment (up to 800 VA)

Connector strip design

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USV Office show in catalogue

Line-Interactive Office series

Protects office equipment (up to 2 kVA)

Compact design

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Line-Interactive MI-RM series

For computers & small servers (up to 1.2 kVA)

Suitable for 19“ system rack

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USV MTX show in catalogue

Line-Interactive MTX series

Highly efficient for the office (up to 3 kVA)

Compact and silent

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USV MTD RM show in catalogue

Line-Interactive MTD-RM series

For computers & telecommunications systems (up to 3 kVA)

Compact & stable for the 19“ rack

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USV MTD RT show in catalogue

Line-Interactive MTD-RT series

High-end office UPS (up to 3 kVA)

As tower or for installation on a 19“ rack

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