Our advice can guide you to the right investment

We help you to make the right decision, and we provide advice. Our expertise, our experience and a careful review with you of your requirements helps us to find the ideal configuration for your system.

Experience and forward thinking

Go for the right dimensions now – to be well equipped for a later date

The design of a technical system like an uninterruptible power supply or a solar power inverter unit cannot be founded solely upon the performance needs of the present day. Forward thinking planning of systems of this kind is essential. That way, future demand levels can be built into the equation.

Due to the complexity in designing this partially extremely heavy systems EFFEKTA® offers a full service for large UPS. This starts with the planning of large-scale systems, any disposal of old UPS, assistance in placement and other requirements.

We are there for our customers as a competent partner, one who can provide the experience we have acquired over several decades. Also, as a supplier to various sectors, we can keep you informed of what future capacity requirements are likely to be. Our consultancy support can therefore make an important contribution towards ensuring that your system is still fit for the future several years from now – by making sure that your investment really does make sound financial sense.

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