Innovation: an elevator UPS for all tasks

Innovation: an elevator UPS for all tasks

In the event of a power failure, the elevator car moves on to the next stop with enough power for all emergency and communication systems without making an emergency stop; especially maintenance friendly: These are only some of the many advantages offered by the probably first elevator UPS, which requires only a single rechargeable battery for all central emergency functions and the matching clever controller. The Lift 4500 UPS is the new star in the elevator UPS portfolio of EFFEKTA Regeltechnik GmbH in Rottweil, which will present their robust solution to the public for the first time at interlift 2019.

Alfons Wahl, who works as a planner and expert at the Plan95 planning office in Stuttgart, is full of praise for the Rottweilers’ innovation. What’s more, the Lift 4500 UPS is probably the first elevator UPS on the market to include so much performance and function as a single unit with such a compact design: “The elevator keeps moving without an emergency stop after a power failure, since only one rechargeable battery is needed for the entire elevator system. No other batteries are required. That is really impressive”, said Wahl in his résumé on the EFFEKTA innovation. The extremely compact dimensions of the UPS unit make it ideal for shaft wall installation. In addition, it is equipped with a long lasting lithium iron phosphate battery which, together with the sophisticated controller, can perform all functions thus far required for emergencies in elevator cars and shafts: i.e. drive, control, emergency call, emergency lighting, ventilation or elevator car lighting are all ensured during the blackout. The jerky deceleration of the elevator car to zero preceding battery-powered travel to the next stop which often frightened passengers is now a thing of the past. High-quality battery monitoring and communication with a monitoring point via an optional interface ensure that any decline in the performance of the rechargeable battery will be noticed immediately during its planned 10-year service life. High efficiency, a large voltage input window and an almost ideal sinusoidal current output with a power factor of 1.0 make the Lift 4500 UPS a genuine benchmark among elevator UPSs.

Anyone who would like to find out more about the Lift 4500 UPS and its advantages can form his or her own opinion during interlift 2019 by visiting the Exhibition Center in Augsburg from October 15 to 18, when this world innovation will be presented by EFFEKTA in Hall 2 at Stand 2027.

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