UPS control products

UPS management solutions: Software and hardware

Optimum monitoring and access for control purposes, also remotely, for your EFFEKTA UPS systems

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Retrieve all important data and functions to your monitor

For the management of uninterruptible power supply systems, access to important data is just as important as having batteries that function reliably: For the management of your UPS equipment, all ways forward are open with EFFEKTA thanks to proven software and optimum expansion hardware – from automatic alarm systems to remote control of UPS systems.

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UPS management Software

The UPS management software solution PowerShut Plus runs as a client/server application for heterogeneous networks or local computers. It works on all common operating systems variants. All Servers on the network can be shut down via RCCMD (Multiserver-Shutdown). The software…

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UPS management – SNMP CS 141 adapter

CS141 adapters are available as stand-alone version and as a slot card. Both constructions are to have a fully equipped standard version and as a budget version is excluded functionality. For some UPS models you particularly compact and space saving…

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