OFFICE RM: Slim UPS solution for 19″-system cabinets

OFFICE RM: Slim UPS solution for 19″-system cabinets

With an installation depth of just 230 mm, the newly designed OFFICE RM UPS with line-interactive technology is the ideal solution when space is tight in the system cabinet: The Office RM, in its 600 VA model, offers enough space reserves in the 19-inch rack to run cables behind it or to leave enough room for good ventilation of the system cabinet. Even in the 1000 VA version, the OFFICE RM still is of slight build: the installation depth increases to just under 300 mm even in the large model.

But of course, the OFFICE RM has a lot more advantages than just its small installation depth: The cost-effective line-interactive system operates in a wide voltage range and offers a stabilized output voltage with its Boost-Buck function: This efficiently protects the connected loads from voltage fluctuations. With a backup time at PC load of up to 12 minutes (600 VA version) or up to 25 minutes (1000 VA version), the OFFICE RM also offers ample scope for the loads in case of a power failure.

For more information, please refer to the Office RM product description.

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