External bypass

To ensure the highest possible availability of the EFFEKTA®- UPS systems, in particular in critical applications, bypasses are used which bypass the UPS during maintenance work and continue to supply power to the load without interruption after manual switching.

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External BypassABCDE
UPS connection type1-phase IEC 16 A
6 x IEC 10 A
1 x IEC 16 A
1-phase (Schuko, IEC, terminals)3/3p, 3/1p, 1/1p (hard-wired)3/3p, 3/1p, parallel (hard-wired)3/3p, parallel
Current max.16 A63 A100/125 A160-800 A
Suitable UPS
size in kVA
Up to 3kVAUp to 30 kVA (3/3p)40/60 kVA (parallel: 2×10 / 2×30 kVA)Up to 500 kVA
Mounting /
19“ rackWall mountingWall mounting or cabinet
(H x W x D in mm)
19“, 1,5 U,
180 mm (depth)
200 x 200 x 1300 290 x 250 x 155500 x 450 x 165Dependent on UPS power
special functionsReadiness indicator UPS (LED)
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