AX LiCom-Box: Up to 40% more battery capacity for Pylontech-lithium solar storage

AX LiCom-Box: Up to 40% more battery capacity for Pylontech-lithium solar storage

Optimized communication makes it possible:

With the extension set AX LiCom-BOX we have succeeded in connecting the proven multifunctional inverters AX M1 and AX K1 (types: 4000 Watt or 5000 Watt) even better to the Pylontech lithium battery US2000/US3000. The result: the improved battery management system allows up to 40 percent more battery power to be stored with the same lithium battery.
The perfect setting and monitoring of charge voltage, charge current, battery end-of-discharge voltage and maximum discharge current thanks to the AX LiCom expansion box ensures that the possibilities of this power storage system are significantly expanded. Thus, the balancing function balances individual cell voltages to an equal level, which increases the battery’s life span. Furthermore, the discharge capacity of the battery is increased up to 99%. In addition, the AX LiCom box also makes it possible to monitor the battery via PC or laptop: The supplied communication cable allows connection and reading out the battery management data. All activities of the AX LiCom box are displayed via its signal LEDs.
The AX LiCom-Box has an RS485-BMS interface to the battery, an RS485 communication interface (e.g. for connecting a laptop) and an RS232 interface to the inverter. Several batteries can be controlled via one AX LiCom box. In addition to the required power supply unit (5V DC), all necessary communication cables are included in delivery.


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