The company

Since 1984 we have provided safety through the provision of uninterruptible power supplies for sensitive products. And we still have big plans for the future. These pages will inform you of where we come from, what we do and for whom we do it.

Our mission

UPS for every case – from home office to server farm

EFFEKTA has enjoyed success as a manufacturer on the market for uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS) for almost 40 years. Over those years, we have become a watchword for reliability and quality and we are one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of UPS systems. This success was only possible through continuous further development involving the use of innovative technologies, efficient solutions for solar power storage and management and the commitment of, at the present time, about 80 payroll staff.

UPS for every case – from home office to server farm

EFFEKTA is also your competent point of contact for bespoke UPS systems and for very short production runs of standard housing or for installation in control cabinets or on top hat rails. We also supply accumulators, rectifiers, inverters, power units for all needs as well as DC UPS units for the telecommunications sector or for wireless operators. Our product range is now supplemented by our successful photovoltaic products.


A brief history of EFFEKTA:

1984      Founded as a single company by the name of ‘HJ Elektronik’

1990      Change of company name to EFFEKTA Regeltechnik GmbH

1999      Relocating the central Sales function to Rottweil

2000      Management Buy-Out (MBO), new management

2007      Concentration at the Rottweil location

2013      International orientation

2022      Foundation of EFFEKTA Spain S.L.

A brief history of EFFEKTA:
Active in more than 70 countries

Active in more than 70 countries

As well its own international subsidiaries, EFFEKTA also has a global sales network that makes our product available in more than 70 countries around the world. The company also has service support points in Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and Hungary. Would you like to learn more about our subsidiaries, support points and sales partners? If so, please click here!



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