BACS Webmanager

The BACS WEBMANAGER is the central control unit for every BACS system
All of the information about the individual batteries and the respective individual statuses collected from the BACS battery modules is compiled here.
The BACS web manager evaluates all of the data in real time and sends necessary control commands to the BACS battery modules, based on the data, to keep the batteries in the optimum charging state.

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Active management of the entire UPS solution

Depending on installed additional parts and the configuration level, the BACS web managers has a wide range of options to perform its functions:

  • Controlling air conditioning systems and emergency ventilation systems
  • Detecting toxic or explosive gas mixtures
  • Monitoring temperatures and humidity
  • Monitoring water penetration or coolant fill levels

A process control, based on PLC, can be configured for each configurable event via an intuitive and modern interface. Technicians can therefore keep track of all aspects of a modern UPS solution by constantly
monitoring not only the status of individual batteries.

IT-management and building management included

In the event of an emergency, servers have to migrate, shut down, back up their data, etc. as quickly as
possible. For this reason, every BACS system is also a fully-qualified RCCMD server that can quickly and
efficiently shut down even highly complex systems using the globally popular RCCMD shutdown solution.

  • Linux
  • Hyper-V
  • VMware (individual hosts, cluster management, vSAN-Shutdown and many more)
  • UNIX
  • Windows

At the same time, active systems can be switched on a precise schedule via external relays and feedback
about the switching statuses can be obtained so all possible hardware and software combinations are
available. A BACS system can shut down the IT systems, block elevators, activate emergency lighting, unlock
electrical locks, start emergency systems and much more.

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