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Most battery failures seem random and coincidental. That is because conventional monitoring systems passively observe the current system status, so, at best, you can watch the death of a battery.
The data required for the active control process, when precisely analyzed, can provide initial indications of, for instance, poor-quality charging current, unusual temperature fluctuations within a battery or premature voltage drops during the discharging process, unusually high internal resistance, etc.
Hidden damage can be detected via a variety of minor quality losses that normally fall through the cracks. With the BACS®VIEWER and a bit of
practice working with the features, the probability that an individual battery will fail can be determined, reliable statements about the overall status of the system can be made and maintenance windows can be reduced to the absolutely necessary minimum.
As a bonus, you can use the tools to automatically generate a statistical report including the status of a battery system.


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For whom are these tools interesting?

Any technician involved in battery management and who, accordingly, has to work with time-sensitive
maintenance windows. This software package can prepare the actual work that needs to be performed. BACS modules can be programmed in advance or important measurement data can be read out during installation and configuration.

The software products

BACS Viewer

  • Collect and archive
  • Deep analysis of measurement values
  • Plan maintenance windows
  • Fault analysis after malfunctions
  • Organize documents

BACS Reader

  • Read out the battery data in real time
  • Configure alarm thresholds
  • Inspect BACS modules
  • Perform functional tests

BACS Programmer

  • Check the wiring
  • Program the BACS modules
  • Check the data quality
  • Find EM-based faults
  • Replace individual module
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