Solar inverters

Processing and feedback control of photovoltaic current from 800-5000 Watts

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Technology for standalone operation, feeding into the mains grid and storage of solar power

Solar power has become an important aspect of conversion to renewable energies and it therefore needs intelligent management: The solar inverters from EFFEKTA convert DC into AC current at the correct voltage and frequency. These inverters also control personal domestic use, supply to the mains grid or storage of photovoltaic power.

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Solar inverter KS 5 series 3–5 kW

As part of your photovoltaic system, EFFEKTA KS 5 solar inverters convert DC current directly from solar modules into AC current and feed it into the power grid. On the input side there is usually a DC/DC converter with a…

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The KS series of solar inverters

Output ratings of 1500 to 5000 Watts Ideal for private use

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AX-M1 solar inverters

Combination of inverter and charger Ideal for standalone operation – nominal ratings of 4000 to 5000 Watts

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AX-P1 solar inverters

Combination of inverter and charger for applications without a dependable AC power supply Increased charge power Nominal Rating 3000 Watts

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AX-K1 solar inverters

Ideal for standalone operation, power ratings of 1000-5000 Watts 3-phase operation is possible

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Application scenarios for the AX series

Clear illustration of the basic principle Typical configurations for operating modes

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Multifunction inverter AX M2

The devices in the AX M2 series with integrated MPPT solar charge controller are 3000W / 5000W multifunction inverters / PVchargers with the combined functions of an inverter as well as a solar and battery charging device. These inverters are…

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