Solar inverter KS 5 series 3–5 kW

As part of your photovoltaic system, EFFEKTA® KS 5 solar inverters convert DC current directly from solar modules into AC current and feed it into the power grid. On the input side there is usually a DC/DC converter with a maximum power point tracker (MPPT) that feeds the intermediate circuit. On the output side there is a single-phase inverter, which feeds into the power grid and is automatically synchronized with the grid. The KS 5 series solar inverters with an output power of 3,000 to 5,000 watts are ideal for private use. The inverters are available as models with 1 MPP tracker (ST) or 2 MPP trackers (DT).


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Special Features:

  • Outstanding efficiency (up to 98.3%)
  • Innovative, lightweight and compact design
  • Extended input voltage range up to max. 600 VDC
  • Simple operation via panel with intuitive 4 buttons and LCD display
  • SOLARMAN connection for easy operation, monitoring or yield evaluation
  • Extensive options:
    • WLAN-Plug
    • (external) DC disconnect switch
    • (external) current sensor


  • Outstanding Euro efficiency up to 97.9%
  • Innovative lightweight and compact design
  • Extended input voltage range up to max. 600 VDC
  • High MPPT accuracy
  • Extremely low night power loss
  • Perfect cooling concept without any fans
  • Easy to install
  • Easy handling
  • SOLARMAN connection
  • Extensive electronic protection measures
  • Insulation resistance monitoring
  • LCD panel (monitoring / operation)
  • RS485 for optional Wi-Fi plug
  • Optional (external) DC disconnect switch
  • Optional (external) current sensor
  • 5 years warranty


KS 53000ST5000DT
Input (DC)Nominal DC power [W]40506000*
Max. DC voltage [V]600 VDC**
Max. input current per tracker [A]1515
Number of MPP tracker12
MPPT voltage range [V]80 – 560 VDC**
Output (AC)Nominal AC power [W]30004600*
Max. AC power [W]33004600*
Max. output current [A]14.520
Wire / Nominal AC voltage1 / N / PE, 230 VAC
AC voltage window [V]184VAC – 262VAC (Base 230VAC)
Frequency50Hz, auto detect
Power factor (cosφ)1
Total harmonic distortion (THDi) (%)< 3
EfficiencyMax. efficiency98.1 %98.3 %
Euro-efficiency97.7 %97.9 %
General / mechanical dataDimensions (H x W x D) in mm380 x 380 x150
Weight in kg1011
Operating temperature range-25°C ~ +40°C
Ingress protectionIP65 (not intended for outdoor use)
Cooling conceptconvection cooling
InterfaceRS485/external WIFI (Option)
TerminalsInput (AC)terminal connections
Output (DC)MC-4
ProtectionUtility gridOver/under voltage, over/under frequency, ground fault monitoring,
DC isolation fault
Short circuitDC input: reverse polarity protection / electronic circuit
AC output: output relay / electronic circuit
Regulations /
SafetyIEC 62109-1:2010
EN 62109-1:2010
IEC 62109-1:2011
EN 62109-2:2011
VDE V 0126-1-1:2013
VDE-AR-N 4105:2018
VDE V 0124-100:2020
EMCEN 61000-6-1:2019
EN 61000-6-3:2007+A1:2011

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