Power-CHEST Mobile Powerstation

Mobile Lithium Storage System
Portable Powerstation with 700 or 1400W

Independent, mobile power supply for your devices. The innovative, portable power station Power-CHEST offers everything necessary for mobile power supply. With built-in intelligent battery management system for overload protection and solar fast charging, there are no limits to outdoor use.

The Powerstation Power-CHEST can be charged via a power outlet, in the car via the cigarette lighter or via a solar panel.

The device can be charged with solar panels (up to 400 W) within 2.5 hours to 90% battery capacity, on the mains even within 1 hour.

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Outdoor – with REAL POWER!

You could for example:

  • 45 x charge a 16Wh cell phone
  • 13 x charge a 65W laptop
  • power a 1400W water boiler for 0.6 hours

Special feature

LCD coloured display

  • Easy to read due to 8° inclination
  • Comfortable automatic brightness control

2x Schuko, 4x USB-A, 2x USB-C

  • You can really power everything
  • Multiple recharging options


BatteryLithium iron phosphate / LiFePo4 battery
Dimensions HxWxL in mm235 x 228 x 345197 x 190 x 268
Weight in kg12.17.5
Capacity1010 Wh / 23,4 Ah524 Wh / 20,8 Ah
Warranty12 months

AC-power1400 W700 W
AC-voltage / freq.230 VAC / 50Hz
USB A4pcs.: 5V/9V/12V/ 2,4A (28W max.)3pcs.: 5V/9V/12V /2.4A (28W max.)
USB C2pcs.:
5V/9V/12V/15V/3A 20V-5A 100W max.
5V/9V/12V/15V/20V/3A 60W max.

Charge to 90% capacity
AC-input1 h1 h
Photovoltaic2.5 h2.5 h
Cigarette-lighter5-8.5 h4-6 h

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