Lithium-Ion-Battery BTLi 12-100B BTLi 12-120B

The batteries of the BTLi series are maintenance-free lithium-ion rechargeable batteries (LiFePO4) with a service life expectancy of >5000 cycles and only 40% of the weight of lead-acid batteries. They use a built-in Battery Management System (BMS) for maximum reliability. Excellent for camping, outdoor and caravan but also e.g. for UPS systems, DC power supplies, security systems and as solar or wind energy storage.

The BTLi 12-120B and BTLi 12-100B also have a built-in Bluetooth interface, which can be used to monitor the charge level and battery status at any time via Android or IOS app.

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Your benefits:

  • 5000 charge/discharge cycles
  • Thus far longer battery life than conventional lead-acid batteries
  • Low service costs due to rarely necessary battery replacement
  • Only 40% of the weight of lead batteries
  • Can be used in higher temperature window
  • Battery management system (BMS) integrated into the battery
  • Wireless operation, configuration and monitoring of the BMS via German/English-language APP
  • Monitoring APP available for Android as well as for iOS


SpecificationsBTLi 12-120BBTLi 12-100B
Battery typeLiFePO4 Akku
Nominal voltage12,8 V12,8 V
Nominal capacity / energy120 Ah / 1560 Wh100 Ah / 1280 Wh
Cycle life>5000 cycles @ 0.2C 50%DoD / >3000 cycles @ 0.2C 80%DoD
ConnectionsM8 Screw connection, contact surface Ø 20mm
Enclosure material / enclosure classAcrylnitril-Butadien-Styrol (ABS) / IP65
Permissible mounting positionMax. 90° to upright normal position (see picture above right)
Internal resistance≤20 mΩ≤50mΩ
Self-discharge<3% (@ 25°C / Monat)
Standard chargingCharging voltage14,6 ± 0,2 V
Charging process0.2 C bis 14,6 V
Charging current50 A
Charging current max.100 A
Overcharge protection15,0 V ± 0,2 V
Standard dischargingDischarge current max.100 A
Discharge current peak150 A (<1Sek.)
Discharge cut-off voltage8,8V
BMS Battery managementIntegrated
MonitoringBluetooth with smartphone app
Operating temperature ranges (At 60±25% relative humidity)Discharging-20°C … +60°C
Charging0°C … +45°C
Storage0°C … +40°C
DimensionsLength330 ±2 mm306±2 mm
Width173 ±2 mm168±2 mm
Hight220 ±2 mm214±2 mm
Weight14 kg12 kg
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