Front terminal batteries

BTL 12-150

BTL front terminal batteries from EFFEKTA® have the same construction as batteries of the BTL types.
However the special dimensions of the batteries mean that they are compact and easy to maintain especially in 19’’ rack cabinets.


TypVoltage in (V)Capacity
in Ah (C10)
L (mm)W (mm)H (mm)H (mm)
in kg
BTL 12-55 FL125527710622522517.4
BTL 12-62 FL12622989726726719.9
BTL 12-90 F129056311418818826.5
BTL 12-105 F1210550811123623632.5
BTL 12-110 FK1211039410928528533
BTL 12-150 FK1215055211028828845
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