Batteries BTL series

Our long-standing experience with emergency power systems and uninterruptible power supply units is our guarantee for the highest quality and reliability of EFFEKTA® batteries.

EFFEKTA® batteries are modern AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) accumulators. Low levels of self-discharge are achieved by bonding the electrolyte in glass-fibre mat. A recharge is needed every six months unless the
accumulator was stored at temperatures in excess of 20°C. AGM batteries are leak proof and can be installed in almost any location.

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TypeVoltage in (V)Capacity
in Ah (C20)
L (mm)W (mm)H (mm)H (mm)
in kg
12 V – Types
BTL 12-912915165941002.7F2
BTL 12-12121215198951013.8F2
BTL 12-181218181771671675.7M5
BTL 12-2812281661751251258.6M5
BTL 12-33 L123319513015918010.2M6
BTL 12-45 L124519816617017013.2M6
BTL 12-55 L125522913821023518M6
BTL 12-60126026016921023520.5M6
BTL 12-65 L126535016718018321M6
BTL 12-75 LX127526016820821124.2M6
BTL 12-80128035016718018324M6
BTL 12-90 XL129030616820821128.2M8
BTL 12-100 LX12100325.517021321631.6M8
BTL 12-120 L1212040717722722735M8
BTL 12-120 S1212033017122022732M8
BTL 12-150 L1215048317024024044.5M8
BTL 12-2001220052224021824060M8
BTL 12-2601226052026822022575M8
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