Batteries US2000C / US3000C

US2000 / US3000C

Solar Lithium storage unit 48V / 2.4 kWh (US2000C) / 3.5 kWh (US3000C)

The US2000C and US3000C are state-of-the-art lithium storage systems: With the highest level of safety and a long service life – even with regular deep discharge – they meet the high demands placed on solar storage systems. The fast charging and discharging properties typical of lithium batteries allow to store or release a large amount of energy in a short period of time. This predestines the US2000C and US3000C for use in solar storage solutions for private households.




  • Higher cycle stability than its predecessors with now over 6000 charge / discharge cycles
  • Higher depth of discharge (DoD) up to 95% @ 25°C
  • Design life up to 15 years
  • Built-in soft start function to avoid power surges when the inverter starts up
  • Automatic address setting when connected in multi-group mode
  • Absolutely failsafe lithium technology – lithium iron phosphate / LiFePo4
  • Very high storage capacity ratio – lightweight and compact design
  • Horizontal or vertical setup, optionally also 19“-rack mounting
  • High peak charge and discharge ratings of up to 4.3 kW per module can be achieved
  • Integrated battery management system
  • Compatible with Series AX solar inverters in the EFFEKTA range
  • Modular system for individual scaling
  • 7 years warranty


Model US2000C US3000C
Technology Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4) Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4)
Nominal voltage 48V 48V
Rated capacity 50Ah / 2.4kWh 74Ah / 3.55kWh
Usable capacity (95% DoD) 47.5Ah / 2.28kWh 70Ah / 3.37kWh
Discharge voltage range 45.5 … 53.2V 45.5 … 53.2V
Charging voltage range 52.5 … 53.2V 52.5 … 53.2V
Recommended charge / discharge current 25A 37A
Maximum charge / discharge current 50A / Peak: 90A for 15s. 74A / Peak: 90A for 15s.
Communication RS485, CAN RS485, CAN
Weight 24kg 32kg
Dimensions 442 x 410 x 89mm 442 x 420 x 132mm
Temperature range at charge +0… +50°C +0… +50°C
Temperature range during discharge -10… 50°C -10… 50°C
Design life over 15 years @ 25°C over 15 years @ 25°C
Cycle life > 6000 @ 25°C > 6000 @ 25°C
BMS / monitoring Integrated battery management system in each module Integrated battery management system in each module
Certification TüV / CE / UN38.3 TüV / CE / UN38.3

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