3-phase modular UPS THOR II T20 10-100 kVA

With the THOR II T20, EFFEKTA® offers a modular double conversion UPS with 3-phase input & output in 3-level inverter technology. All operating elements, interfaces and power
modules are accessible from the front for easy commissioning, operation and maintenance. Intelligent battery management with confi gurable charging mode ensures long battery life. Furthermore, battery tests are individually confi gurable. The current consumption is almost ideally sinusoidal. Furthermore, the THOR II offers a
power factor of 1.0. With an effi ciency of over 95.5% in normal operation, it is one of the most effective and economical UPS systems on the market and thus ideally suited for saving money.

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  • Excellent power factor of 1.0
  • UPS classification VFI-SS-111 according to IEC 62040-3
  • VFI sine wave output can be switched to ECO High Efficiency mode
  • UPS software for all common OS
  • Incl. RS232 / USB and expansion slot
  • Integrated Emergency Power Off (EPO)
  • Dry-In/Dry-Out interface as standard

Special feature

  • Temperature sensor for temperature-controlled charging voltage to increase battery life
  • Adjustable battery voltage (variable number of batteries)
  • Simple service through modular structure
  • N+X parallel redundant operation of up to 4 systems possible
  • Redundant parallel control unit
  • Power supply modules and fans redundant
  • Outstanding efficiency of 95.5% in normal operation and 99% in ECO mode


THOR II T2010-30 kVA/kW20-60 kVA/kW10-50 kVA/kW20-100 kVA/kW
PowerNominal power in kVA/kW10-30 kVA/kW20-60 kVA/kW10-50 kVA/kW20-100 kVA/kW
Power per module10 kVA/kW20 kVA/kW10 kVA/kW20 kVA/kW
Number of modules max.35
Backup timeOn request / depending on the battery configuration
Technologyn+x technology scalable / VFI-SS-111 according to IEC 62040-3
PhasesInput / Output3-phase / 3-phase
InputConfigurable nominal voltage380/400/415 VAC
Input voltage range138 ~ 485 VAC
Input frequency range40 Hz – 70 Hz
Mains feedbacksTHDI≤3 % (100% nonlinear load)
OutputOutput voltage380/400/415 VAC
Voltage regulation±1 %
Frequency range normal operation±1 % / ±2 % / ±4 % / ±5 % / ±10 % of the nominal frequency (optional)
Frequency range battery operated50/60 Hz ± 0,2 %
Transfer timenone
OverloadFor mains operation: 105% < load ≤ 110%: Switching to bypass after 60 min.
110 % < load ≤ 125 %: Switchover to bypass after 10 min
125 % < load ≤ 150 %: Switchover to bypass after 1 min
> 150 %: immediate switch-off110 % < Last ≤ 125 %: Umschaltung in den Bypass nach 10 min
125 % < Last ≤ 150%: Umschaltung in den Bypass nach 1 min
> 150 %: sofort Abschaltung
Voltage formSine wave
EfficiencyNormal-Mode / ECO-Mode95,5 in line mode / 99 % in ECO mode
BatteriesTypeMaintenance free lead-acid battery
Service life expectancy5 / 10 years
DC nominal voltage±180 V/192 V/±204 V/±216 V/±228 V/±240/±252/±264/±276/±288/±300 VDC
(30/32/34/36/38/40/42/44/46/48/50 blocks adjustable)(30/32/34/36/38/40/42/44/46/48/50 Blöcke einstellbar)
Maximum charging current18 A per module (charging current is set according to the battery bank capacity)
Time to rechargefrom 5 hours, depending on battery capacity
CommunicationInterfacesCAN, RS232, RS485, LBS, parallel, relay card, SNMP card (optional)
Displaymultilingual LC display
Dimensions / weightUPS dimensions (H x W x D in mm)1200 x 600 x 8501400 x 600 x 850
UPS modules (H x W x D in mm)86 (2U) x 440 x 620
Dimensions of battery extensionon request
Weight UPS in kg (without batt.)approx. 150 kgapprox. 180 kg
UPS modules21 kg
Weight battery bank (with batt.)on request / depending on battery capacity
Protection classIP20
ConnectionsInput | Outputfixed connection on terminals | fixed connection on terminals
Temperature[0 – 40 °C], Recommended: + 15 °C…+ 25°C
Humidity0~- 95 % (non-condensing)
Operating noise< 58 dB< 61 dB
Protection/standardsSafety | EMC | ServiceEN 62040-1 | EN 62040-2 | EN 62040-3

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