Relay plug-in card (Z0C/AS400)


The relay card is an electronic assembly that is used for the potential-free exchange of signals between a UPS and a higher-level controller.

The user has the option of receiving signals from the UPS and sending commands to the UPS in a completely galvanically isolated manner.

A serial interface (RJ45 socket and the necessary adapter cable) is available for configuring the relay card. No special software (PC application) is required; communication with the card takes place via a simple terminal (e.g. HyperTerminal).



TypeSegmentPINsFunctionSwitching typeConfigurable
Outputs12 / 9Utility FailureNormal Open (NO)Yes
23 / 10Battery LowNormal Open (NO)Yes
37 / 11General AlarmNormal Open (NO)Yes
45 / 12Status BypassNormal Open (NO)Yes
56 / 13Summary AlarmNormal Open (NO)Yes
Inputs61 / 8Battery Mode ShutdownNormal Open (NO)Yes
71 / 14UPS onNormal Open (NO)No
81 / 7UPS offNormal Open (NO)No
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