Energy Storage

Lead acid batteries for UPS systems

Maintenance-free, robust and position-independent operable power storage units

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Robust, high-performance power storage for high-current applications

Good batteries are characterized by many different properties: One of the most important of those is that batteries must keep working when they are required to do so. The design and build of EFFEKTA batteries is based on decades of experience in the storage of electrical power. This makes its presence felt through their quality, performance capability and durability.

BT 12-18 show product

Batteries BT series

Operation in most installation positions, voltage ratings of 6 V or 12 V Capacities of 1.2-28 Ah

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BTL 12-55 show product

Batteries BTL series

Operation in most installation positions, voltage rating of 12 V Capacities of 9-260 Ah

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BTL 12-150 show product

Front terminal batteries

For special requirements on installation and connections Voltage rating of 12 V, capacities of 55 Ah to 150 Ah

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